Unstoppable Rage The epic scene in which FPS Doug dies (in

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Took a Level in Badass Up until «The Story of Dave», Dave had shown little interest in games until Jeremy is attacked by micro warriors. During the middle of the battle, the action cuts off to an important flashback of Dave’s past in China, revealing his gaming history. He reveals that he too has micro skills and comes to the rescue. Unstoppable Rage The epic scene in which FPS Doug dies (in Counter Strike), proceeds to scream «FUCKING GODDAMN LAG!», and smashes the everloving shit out of his keyboard. Up to Eleven Episode 16 opens with a Back to the Future homage where Jeremy activates a series of amplifiers and overdrivers attached to his Xbox 360 and dialing up the volume past the labeled ‘Max’ setting as well as the labeled ‘Dude’, and ‘Srsly’ marks to reach ‘WTF’ before rocking out to Rock Band. Videogames Of Note Name checked on the show: Call of Duty, Halo, Counter Strike, Dance Dance Revolution, Super Smash Bros. and World of Warcraft. Wide Eyed Idealist Oh, Doug. In the final episode of the TV series, Doug cheerfully signs up for the actual Canadian Army http://www.thebodyandsoulgallery.com/men-continue-to-dominate-her-field/, thinking it’ll be a life where he gets to carry out missions with real guns and if he dies, he’ll simply «re spawn» like video game avatars do. Kyle and October try in vain to explain to Doug what it is he’s actually doing. This was implied to have happened in the backstory for the web series as well, as Doug had contemplated joining the army, since in his mind it was just like an FPS, except better graphics, but, to his dismay, «there are no respawn points in RL».

A bizarre aspect of these episodes is that reporters, commentators or the killers themselves frequently speak of them as «loving» acts. When a husband (and make no mistake: this is a gendered activity; husbands almost always kill their wives and not the reverse) kills his sick wife and then himself, he is said to act out of compassion or understandable desperation. After their parents’ bodies were found, the shocked Snelling family, looking for meaning in this tragic act, released a statement saying their father acted «out of deep devotion and profound love.» North Carolinian Charles Frech left a note saying he had shot «the love of his life.» A neighbor of the Edison, NJ, couple said «they were more in love than any other couple I’ve ever seen.» Their obituary said they were «partners in love and life.» When Frank Cowan, 87, killed his wife Dorothy, 86 and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and then himself, their daughter told news media she feels like this is a «tragic love story.» An August 2010 ABC News story by reporter Susan Donaldson James says many call these «suicide pacts» the «ultimate act of love.».

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