If part of an ensemble, they may even be used for comic

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Infant Immortality: Averted, as we clearly see children among the masses of people trying in vain to escape the torrent of water that destroys the East Coast. If part of an ensemble, they may even be used for comic relief; since Immortal Life Is Cheap, the Immortal Assassin can suffer truly horrific injuries and shrug […]

Unstoppable Rage The epic scene in which FPS Doug dies (in

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Took a Level in Badass Up until «The Story of Dave», Dave had shown little interest in games until Jeremy is attacked by micro warriors. During the middle of the battle, the action cuts off to an important flashback of Dave’s past in China, revealing his gaming history. He reveals that he too has micro […]

Pet the Dog: Kadir agrees to make sure Grant’s kids get home

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Darker and Edgier: A Passion Play is this in comparison to Thick as a Brick, both musically (due to the dominating presence of minor key variations) and thematically (dealing with a story of life and death and the afterlife). Pet the Dog: Kadir agrees to make sure Grant’s kids get home safely. Black Best Friend: […]

One thing I have always been good at is working with computers

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In «Green Arrow: Year One» (a «serious» retelling of the above), Ollie is trapped on a deserted island and his only arrows are improvised and decidedly pointy. He just uses them for Only a Flesh Wound shots. Later on he gets an actual bow and arrows. «Two months after Category 4 Hurricane Maria pounded Puerto […]

Trauma Conga Line: Ooooh, does Sasuke get it bad here

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Funny Foreigner: It’s implied that Ukko is Finnish. Bathory as a Shout Out to the Trope Maker. This trope is subverted again when Iola leaves her taxidermied cat with Thelma. If that does not sound Badass enough for you, every ninja from Naruto can learn a thing or two from his final fight. Syaoran didn’t […]

Love Confession: Yuri gets on

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Compressed Hair: Mira http://sommaire-beaute.com/?p=1197, whenever she wears her space hood. Fortunately, the rest of Team Phantom encouraged him to go after Sam while they held down the fort. In most cases, the titillation factor intended seems to be at least as high as if a man had gone shirtless in the same situation. [1] Replica […]

On FM AM’s «Drugs,» we hear this from George Carlin:When they

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The angels that aren’t outright monstrosities are rare, and as for the mechanical ones with the carved cherub faces, as you do damage, pieces break away to reveal. Mike’s training program for Oozma Kappa is similar to the morning training he gives Sulley in the first film, complete with «Scary Feet» and brooms used as […]

The nightlife is an ever changing roller coaster

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Badass Cape: Magneto’s is actually made of metal! Big Damn Heroes: General Zod when he and his allies aid in the fight against Apocalypse. Big Fancy House: The Xavier Institute which gets the Fortress of Solitude as its basement! The Stark Tower may also count Breaking the Fourth Wall: Deadpool talks to the readers a […]

MOTHER 3 is notable for its long development cycle

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The Blizzard Rod can freeze enemies in a huge radius and performing a Spin Attack with it will basically freeze any enemy in a huge 360 degree radius. MOTHER 3 is notable for its long development cycle (approximately the length of the already long production of the previous title), having been planned almost immediately after […]

They summon the God, become one with him and begin to be

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Dating Catwoman: Jones accuses Reed of crushing on Blitz. The dead soldier is from demolitions, though, which means he might still have some explosives. Since the absence of Phat Dawg, Alfred has become completely Ax Crazy. The New Year 2011 baby plot. Rebuilt Set: This story introduced a completely new TARDIS console Hermes Replica Handbags […]